How to configure kafka with cloudera Part-1

In section you will able to learn how to configure kafka with cloudera using parcels and Csd
Step 1: ssh cloudera manager host and be the root user
sudo -i
cd /opt/cloudera/csd
Download CSD file (choose version according to requirement)
Set file ownership to cloudera-scm
chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm KAFKA-1.2.0.jar
Change permission as 644
chmod 644 KAFKA-1.2.0.jar

Restart Cloudera Management Serverices if your cluster below 5.3
restart cloudera management services for kafka
Wait 2 minute cluster will come up
Click On Parcels Icon Upper Right Corner
Installing kafka into cloudera cluster

In Parcel Page you will find Kafka Parcel
kafka parcel cloudera
Download -> Distribute -> Activate
kafka parcel activated cloudera cluster
Now Goto Cloudera Manager and Add Kafka Service
add kafka service from cloudera manager
Assign Kafka Broker and Gateways
add kafka brokers and gateways from cloudera manager
Put All Brokers Hosts With Comma Seprated and Click Continue
kafka source destination broker list cloudera cluster

Note: It Might Be Shown An Error Beacause Of Heap Size change heap size tat least 256 MB

kafka heapsize change cloudera manager
Kafka Service Runnning Successfully
successfully running kafka service into cloudera cluster
kafka brokers list