How to install jupyter notebook into Centos 7 | Rhel 7

In this section you Will able to learn how to install jupyter notebook into Centos 7 | Rhel 7

1: Be sudo user and install bzip dependency

install bzip for jupyter
su root
yum install bzip2 -y

2: Create jupyter user and in sudoer and switch to jupyter user

create jupyter user and into sudoer
useradd jupyter
echo 'jupyter ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL' > /etc/sudoers.d/20-jupyter
su jupyter
cd ~

3: Create notebook directory for all notebooks

mkdir ~/notebooks

4: Download file for installation

download file for installation
curl -o


5: Install anaconda file using

install anaconda using bash


6: export jupyter into PATH variable


su root 

vi /etc/profile

export PATH=$PATH:/home/jupyter/anaconda3/bin

source /etc/profile

7: Generate config file

su jupyter
cd ~
jupyter notebook --generate-config

7: edit below file and change localhost to ip

change jupyter ip

vi /home/jupyter/.jupyter/

Change localhost with IP


8: Start jupyter notebook

start jupyter notebook

su root
cd /home/jupyter
nohup  /home/jupyter/anaconda3/bin/jupyter notebook --config /home/jupyter/.jupyter/ &

8: Start jupyter notebook

jupyter notebook dashboard
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